Congratulations to our North Atlantic Competitors!


North Jersey FSC members who have qualified for the 2017 Eastern Sectional:

Tony Lu, Junior Men

Chelsea Mischuk, Junior Ladies

Steven Rossi, Intermediate Pairs

Robert Yampolsky, Juvenile Boys

Willie Sun, Juvenile Boys


First Place

            Maliah Utley – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice Freeskate (QR)

Second Place

            Katie Zhang – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            Robert Yampolsky – Juvenile Freeskate (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

            Chelsea Mischuk – Junior Freeskate (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

Third Place

       Summer Kaminski – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

Fourth Place

       Willie Sun – Juvenile Freeskate (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

            Jillian Falletta – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            Chelsea Mischuk – Junior Short

            Anna Vernikov – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            Lana Utley – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

            Ashley Le – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            Taylor Ricca – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

Other Placings

       5th Place – Shea Ross – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

            5th Place – Elaina Schach – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            6th Place – Kelly Koons- Junior Freeskate

            6th Place – Ashley Le – Novice Short

            7th Place – Eliana Schach – Novice Short

            7th Place – Kelly Koons – Junior Short

            7th Place – Ava Battaglia – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            7th Place – Ashley Le – Novice Freeskate

            8th Place – Adrian Vecchio – Juvenile Freeskate

            8th Place – Kristina Haviland – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            8th Place – Summer Kaminski – Intermediate Short

            9th Place – Alexa Nazarko – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

            9th Place – Natalia Rusin – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            9th Place – Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice Freeskate (FR)

            10th Place – Cassandra Cavuoto – Juvenile Freeskate (QR)

            10th Place – Ava Sloboda – Junior Short/Junior Freeskate

            10th Place – Katie Zhang – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)

            10th Place – Eliana Schach – Novice Freeskate (FR)

            10th Place – Sara Neivert – Intermediate Freeskate (QR)

            11th Place – Anna Vernikov – Novice Short/Novice Freeskate

            11th Place – Taylor Ricca – Intermediate Short

            13th Place – Taylor Ricca – Intermediate Freeskate (FR)

13th Place – Jacqueline Buckenberger – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            14th Place – Dana Fialkowski – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            15th Place – Maliah Utley – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)

            15th Place – Farrah Way – Novice Freeskate (QR)

            16th Place – Nikolett Albrechtovics – Novice Short

            18th Place – Summer Kaminski – Intermediate Freeskate (FR)

            19th Place – Lana Utley – Intermediate Freeskate (FR)

            20th Place – Lana Utley – Intermediate Short

            22nd Place – Jillian Falletta – Juvenile Freeskate (FR)

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