Congratulations to our 2016 North Atlantic Competitors and Sectional Qualifiers!

North Jersey has qualified 10 (TEN) skaters for upcoming sectional championships as follows:

Fiona Kim (Junior Ladies), Tony Lu (Junior Men), Chelsea Mischuk (Novice Ladies), Philip Reyman (Novice Men), Nikki Albrechtovics (Intermediate Ladies), Elliot Jang (Intermediate Men), Steven Rossi (Intermediate Pairs), Robert Yampolsky (Juvenile Boys), Willie Sun (Juvenile Boys) and Valerie Sroka (Juvenile Dance).

2016 North Atlantic Regional Results:

Juvenile Girls Final Round:

14th: Summer Kaminski

19th: Katie Zhang

20th: Taylor Ricca

21st: Shea Ross

Juvenile Girls QR Group B

4th: Taylor Ricca

12th: Jillian Falletta

Juvenile Girls QR Group C

7th: Lana Utley

11th: Emilee Rose Rodolfo

Juvenile Girls QR Group D

4th: Shea Ross

6th: Sara Neivert

8th: Maliah Utley

Juvenile Girls QR Group E

3rd: Summer Kaminski

Juvenile Girls QR Group F

3rd: Katie Zhang

Juvenile Boys Final Round:

Silver Medal: Robert Yampolsky (Qualifies for Eastern Sectional)

Pewter Medal: Willie Sun (Qualifies for Eastern Sectional)

Intermediate Ladies QR Group A

2nd: Eliana Schach

Intermediate Ladies QR Group C

4th: Bobbie Waugaman

9th: Sophia Giralt

Intermediate Ladies QR Group D

2nd: Brooke Tufts

7th: Dana Fialkowski

13th: Maddy Roberts

Intermediate Ladies QR Group E

1st: Nikki ALbrechtovics

3rd: Anna Vernikov

14th: Farrah Way

Intermediate Ladies Finals:

Bronze Medal: Nikki Albrechtovics (Qualifies for Eastern Sectional)

7th: Anna Vernikov

8th: Brooke Tufts

12th: Bobbie Waugaman

17th: Eliana Schach

Intermediate Men’s Final:

Gold Medal: Elliot Jang (Qualifies for Eastern Sectional)

8th: Kenneth Lai

9th: Jonathan Lai

Novice Ladies QR Group A:

4th: Ashley Le

Novice Ladies QR Group B:

1st: Chelsea Mischuk

2nd: Haley Yao

8th: Anna Farro

9th: Alexa Nazarko

Novice Ladies Final:

Pewter Medal: Chelsea Mischuk (Qualifies for Eastern sectional)

5th: Haley Yao

12th: Ashley Le

13th: Anna Farro

Novice Men’s Final:

Bronze Medal: Philip Reyman (Qualifies for Eastern Sectional)

Junior Ladies Final:

Silver Medal: Fiona Kim (Qualifies for Eastern Sectional)

18th: Megan Belgrave

19th: Hannah Gottfried

21st: Olivia Awe



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