Results from the 2015 North Atlantic Championships

Please join me in congratulating our North Atlantic Competitors for their terrific performances this past weekend! Our members earned five (5) medals:

Juvenile Girls: Gold Medal: Nikolett Albrechtovics; Bronze Medal: Ashley Le

Juvenile Boys: Gold Medal: Elliot Jang

Intermediate Ladies: Silver Medal: Chelsea Mischuk

Intermediate Men: Gold Medal: Steven Rossi

They will be off to the USFS Eastern Sectionals in a few weeks. Additionally, Valerie Sroka and her partner Samuel Hodman will be competing in Juvenile Dance at the Mid-Western Sectional.

We saw all of our members perform at the highest level and many had new “personal bests”! But what I am most proud of is the high level of sportsmanship each and every one of our members exhibited, BRAVO!

Here are the results:

North Atlantic Regional Qualifying Events:

Intermediate Ladies Final Results

2nd: Chelsea Mischuk (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

15th: Anna Farro

19th: Ava Sloboda

Intermediate Ladies Short Program

2nd: Chelsea Mischuk

17th: Ava Sloboda

18th: Anna Farro

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group A

1st: Chelsea Mischuk

9th: Madison Roberts

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group B

2nd: Ava Sloboda

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group C

4th: Anna Farro

11th: Keri Zhang

Intermediate Ladies QR – Group D

7th: Alexa Nazarko

Intermediate Men Final Results

1st: Steven Rossi (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

Intermediate Men Short Program

1st: Steven Rossi

Junior Ladies Final Results

7th: Fiona Kim

9th: Tiffany Wu

14th: Katrina Wang

Junior Ladies Short Program

7th: Fiona Kim

9th: Katrina Wang

11th: Tiffany Wu

Juvenile Boys Final Results

1st: Elliot Jang (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

5th: Kenneth Lai (Eastern Sectional Alternate)

9th: Jonathan Lai

10th: Christian Villarie

Juvenile Girls Final Results

1st: Nikolett Albrechtovics (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

3rd: Ashley Le (Qualified for Eastern Sectional)

14th: Eliana Schach

Juvenile Girls QR – Group A

1st: Nikolett Albrechtovics

9th: Shea Ross

14th: Emilee Rose Rodolfo

Juvenile Girls QR – Group B

8th: Bobbie Waugaman

9th: Summer Kaminski

12th: Taylor Ricca

Juvenile Girls QR – Group C

1st: Ashley Le

2nd: Eliana Schach

Juvenile Girls QR – Group E

18th: Sophia Giralt

Juvenile Girls QR – Group F

6th: Brooke Tufts

7th: Anna Vernikov

Novice Ladies Final Results

11th: Emma Jang

13th: Lari Estridge

17th: Alexandra Zimmerman

Novice Ladies Short Program

4th: Emma Jang

12th: Lari Estridge

15th Alexandra Zimmerman

Novice Ladies QR – Group A

4th: Emma Jang

6th: Haley Yao

8th: Megan Belgrave

Novice Ladies QR – Group B

11th: Olivia Awe

Novice Ladies QR – Group C

2nd: Lari Estridge

6th: Alexandra Zimmerman

 Senior Ladies Final Results

11th: Shannon Tarelton

Senior Ladies Short Program

10th: Shannon Tarelton

Non-Qualifying Events:

No-Test Freeskate

4th: Natalia Rusin

7th: Jordan Schneider

No-Test Showcase:

7th: Jordan Schneider


1st: Amanda Kalluf

2nd: Lana Utley

2nd: Maliah Utley

Preliminary Boys

1st: Robert Yampolsky


3rd: Jillian Faletta

Open Juvenile

1st: Farrah Way

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