Results from the 2013 Morris Open

Results from the 2013 Morris Open

Friday, 4/12/13:

Gold Medal:

Anastasiya Kononenko, Senior Ladies Short Program

Silver Medal:

Marika Miyashito, Senior Ladies Short Program

Other Results:

11th:  Emma Jang, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

12th:  Megan Belgrave, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

13th:  Ava Sloboda, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

14th:  Rachel Sullivan, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

15th:  Alexa Nazarko, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

Saturday, 4/13/13:

Gold Medals:

Jonathan Lai, No Test Boys

Nikolette Albrechtovics, Juvenile Girls Trophy Round and Juvenile Girls Qualification

Elliot Jang, Juvenile Boys

Anastasiya Kononenko, Senior Ladies Long Program

Malia Utley, Preliminary Ladies Test Track

Silver Medals:

Kenneth Lai, No Test Boys

Riley Block, Pre-Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

Bella Tolendini, No-Test Girls Well Balanced

Bronze Medals:

Madison Roberts, Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

Lana Utley, No-Test Feeskate

Other Placements:

4th: Olivia Parelli, Freeskate 1

4th: Riley Marmon, Pre-Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

5th: Megan Belgrave, Intermediate Ladies Long

6th: Taylor Ricca, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

6th: Esther Pesochin, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

7th: Emma Jang, Intermediate Ladies Long

8th: Ava Sloboda, Intermediate Ladies Long

9th: Alexandra Zimmermann, Intermediate Ladies Long

9th: Emilee Rose Rodolfo , Juvenile Girls Qualifying

10th: Victoria Garritt, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

10th: Alexa Nazarko, Intermediate Ladies Long

11th: Shea Ross, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

11th: Rachel Sullivan, Intermediate Ladies Long

12th: Gabriella Patracuolla, Intermediate Ladies Long

Sunday, 4/14/13

Gold Medals:

Simone Kim, Intermediate Combined Dance

Silver Medal

Simone Kim, Silver Pattern Dance

Other Placements:

7th: Julie Neerhout, Silver Pattern Dance

8th, Isabella Smith, Silver Pattern Dance

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