See an amazing interview with 1982 World Champion Elaine Zayak

Jennifer Kirk (the 2000 Junior World Champion and Senior National Bronze and Pewter Medalist) and North Jersey’s David Lease conducted a wonderful interview with one of our all time greats, Elaine Zayak.  Check out

Elaine was a member of the North Jersey Figure Skating Club (I think up through Intermediate) and in 1982, won the Senior Ladies World Championship.  She was a member of the 1984 Olympic Team.

Elaine completed a “comeback” journey in 1994 – at the age of 28!  Some of you may recall that she was truly AMAZING and finished 4th at National’s that year, thus becoming an alternate for the 1994 Olympic Team.

The interview by Jenny and Dave is a great study on a special person and a remarkable champion. Check it out and hear  what it is like to truly be on top of the podium!

Here are the links to the interview so that you can watch on “you tube”:


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