US Adult Nationals: 6 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals and 1 Pewter Medal

Norie Kashimura, second from right.
Day 1: Norie Kashimura got things started out right for North Jersey earning Bronze in Bronze Ladies III. Later, Pam Federbusch won Gold in Master’s Ladies Dramatic III with an inspirational  skate to “Ave Maria”.  Kyoko Hikita made it to the final round of Silver Ladies III by placing 3rd in her qualifying group.  Tom Kohl placed 5th in Bronze Men IV,  Tim David placed 5th in Silver Men II and Tara Cioppa placed 8th in Gold Ladies II.
Day 2: Rick Breitweiser earned Bronze in Gold Men IV/V. Rick said “..the crowd was so behind all of us, it was terrific, and the roar after my second axel was a great moment.”
Day 3:  With great lifts and death spirals, Tara Cioppa and partner Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC) win Gold in Adult Gold Pairs.  Kyoko Hikita finished 12th in the finals of Ladies Silver III and later in the evening took Gold in Ladies Silver Interpretative III light entertainment.  Tom Kohl and Norie Kashimura took Silver in Bronze Pairs.  Pam Federbusch won her second Gold medal in Master’s Senior Ladies III by starting her program off with a clean double lutz.  Rick Breitweiser took Silver in Men’s Interpretative IV Dramatic at 10:45 pm, ending a long successful day for North Jersey FSC!
Day 4: Tara Cioppa and Stephen Trzaska (Washington FSC) earned the Pewter medal in Championship Pairs.  Later, Tara won Gold in Gold Women Interpretative II light entertainment.  Rick Breitweiser won his second Silver medal of the Championships in Gold Men Interpretative I, III, IV light entertainment.   Pam Federbusch won her third National Championship Gold Medal with a flawless skate in Masters Ladies Interpretative III light entertainment.