Test Results – October 2010

Alexa Allotta – Pre Preliminary MIF

Lauren Soga – Pre Preliminary MIF/Freestyle

Brianne Soga – Pre Preliminary MIF/Freestyle

Johanna Clark – Preliminary Moves in the Field

Taylor Clark – Preliminary Moves in the Field

Karen Humphries – Adult Bronze Moves in the Field

Joshua Lidberg – Intermediate Moves in the Field

Bianca Plantamura – Rocker Foxtrot

Test Results – August 2010

Christopher Wan – Senior Freestyle

Larry Loupolover – Senior MIF

Mary Beth Ayers – Senior MIF

Elisabeth O’Neill – Senior MIF

Monika Chung – Junior Freestyle

Ariel La Roche – Junior MIF

Amanda Lau – Junior MIF

Ashley Lau – Junior MIF

Lee Mastropasqua – Junior MIF

Isabella Smith – Novice MIF

Esther Pesochin – Intermediate MIF/Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Eugene Osetskyy – Juvenile MIF

Nicole Alonso – Juvenile MIF /Preliminary Freestyle

Jenna McKlusky – Pre Juvenile MIF

Kira Marshall – Pre Juvenile MIF

Timmy Mitchell – Pre Juvenile MIF/Preliminary Freestyle

Anna Farro – Preliminary MIF/Preliminary Freestyle

Joey Mitchell – Preliminary MIF/Preliminary Freestyle

Katelyn Villarie – Pre Preliminary MIF

Elliot Jang – Pre Preliminary MIF

Farrah Way – Pre Preliminary MIF