Results from the US Championship Series: Blaine, MN

Juvenile Dance – 7th Place

Rylen Lukanin, Los Angeles FSC
Patrick OBrien, North Jersey FSC

Juvenile Dance – 9th Place

Sophia Kartashov, North Jersey FSC
Nicholas Kartashov, North Jersey FSC

Novice Dance – 3rd Place

Sylvia Li, North Jersey FSC
Rowan Le Coq, SC of New York

Novice Dance – 4th Place

Anna Sophia OBrien, North Jersey FSC
Steven Wei, All Year FSC

Results from the Boston Open

Jillian Falletta – Novice Ladies Group A, 5th 

Adelyn Hoo – Juvenile Girls, Group B – 2nd 

Harper Schmid – Juvenile Girls Group B – 8th

Audrey Steinbach – Juvenile Girls Group C – 3rd

Paige Parliapiano – Intermediate Ladies – 4th

Kirk Haugeto -Intermediate Men – 1st

Catherine Chandler – Excel Intermediate Plus – 8th 

2021 -2022 NJFSC Competitions: Save the Dates!

Learn-to-Skate Competition (Skylands) – to be announced 

Learn-to-Skate Competition (Montclair State Arena) – to be announced

Garden State Games, Montclair State Arena, June 10-12, 2022

Dallas Cannon Classic

Senior Solo Combined Dance:

Gold Medal – Brooke Tufts

Novice Solo Combined Dance:

Gold Medal – Anna Sophia O’Brien

Silver Solo Pattern Dance:

Gold Medal – Anna Sophia O’Brien

Novice Pattern Dance:  

Gold Medal – Anna Sophia O’Brien and partner, Steven Wei

Silver Medal – Syliva Li and partner, Rowan LeCoq (SCNY)

Novice Free Dance:

Gold Medal – Sylvia Li and partner, Rowan LeCoq (SCNY)

4th – Anna Sophia O’Brien and partner, Steven Wei

Juvenile Pattern Dance:

Bronze Medal – Rylen Lukanin and partner, Patrick O’Brien

Juvenile Free Dance:

Bronze Medal – Rylen Lukanin and partner, Patrick O’Brien

2021 Middle Atlantic Figure Skating Championships

Intermediate Ladies Group A

Gold Medal -Paige Parlapiano

7th – Dasha Portnov

Intermediate Ladies Group B

Silver Medal – Olivia Donayre

Novice Ladies

6th – Jillian Falletta

Intermediate Men

Gold Medal – Kirk Haugeto

Junior Men

Gold Medal – Robert Yampolsky

Juvenile Girls Group A

6th – Audrey Steinbach

Juvenile Girls Group C

4th – Harper Schmid

Excel Intermediate Plus Ladies

Silver Medal – Claire Ferguson

Bronze Medal – Alexandra Perez

7th – Estela Maya

Pre-Preliminary Girls Group B

Bronze Medal – Anna Chang

4th – Riley Toste

Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus Girls

7th – Jacqueline Lee

Excel Preliminary Plus Girls Group A

Bronze Medal – Maia Mamaev

Pre-Juvenile Girls Group A

6th – Nika Meshkova

Pre-Juvenile Girls Group B

Silver Medal – Anissa Mamaev

4th – Marina Li

Preliminary Girls Group A

5th – Rachel Tan

No-Test Girls Group A

4th – Amelia Linhardt

No-Test Girls Group B

4th – Petra Shabalina

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Test Results

Hard work continues to pay off for Anna Sophia O’Brien and Steven Wei, with Coaches Igor Lukanin and Kristen Fraser

Robert Yampolsky with Nathan Chen and Coach Anton Nimenko

North Jersey FSC Dance Competitors Earn Medals! Brooke Tufts wins Senior Solo Combined!

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Tests Passed – August 2021




July Samaiya – Pre Preliminary Freeskate

Justin Liao – Pre Preliminary MIF

Rachael Tan – Pre Preliminary & Preliminary FS

Nicholas Kartashov – Pre Juvenile MIF

Zoe Mogen – Pre Juvenile MIF

Coco Yanagida – Pre Juvenile MIF

Patrick O’Brien – Juvenile MIF

Nicholas Kartashov – Juvenile MIF/Juvenile Free Dance

Sophia Kartashov – Juvenile MIF/Juvenile Free Dance

Karen Hotz – Juvenile Freeskate

Dasha Portnov – Intermediate MIF/Intermediate FS

Nicole Mastropasqua – Intermediate MIF

Lucius Kazanecki – Novice Freeskate

Audrey Steinbach  Junior MIF

Leah Sharpe – Junior MIF

Isabella Hodgson – Dutch Waltz/Canasta Tango/Rhythm Blues

                (completes Preliminary Dance Test)

Catherine Chandler – Willow Waltz/Hickory Hoedown

Jacqueline Lee – Ten-Fox (Completes Bronze Dance Test)

Hailey Moran – Fiesta Tango/Swing Dance (Completes Pre-

                Bronze Dance Test)

Pamela Federbusch – Adult Viennese Waltz